Cutting materials are essential and daily business if you make miniature terrain. Here is a list of basic tools that make cutting life easier. This links lead to amazon and help to keep the terrain train rolling.

Cutting Mat: US // Germany

Hobby Knife: US // Germany

Metal Ruler: US // Germany

Side Cutter: US // Germany

Sharpener: US // Germany 

Proxxon Hot Wire: US // Germany

Materials like foam core, balsa wood and clay. These things are modelling essentials and allow you to make all kind of cool terrain features.

Foam Core:  US // Germany 

Air Dry Modelling Clay: US // Germany

Balsa Wood: US // Germany 

Foliage, Moss, Fine Turf and Model Trees. Here are some recommendations to make your terrain models greener. 

Model Palm Trees: US // Germany

Model Fir Trees: US // Germany

Mixed Model Trees: US // Germany

Woodland Fine Turf: US // Germany

Woodland Clump Foliage: US // Germany

Busch Foliage: US // Germany